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ARGUS has been providing high-quality services in Ukraine for over 20 years. During this time we have gained valuable experience, which prepares us to serve all of our client’s professional requirements. Our competence can be confirmed by numerous premium brand clients.


ARGUS Security provides a full range of security guard services.

These include:
• Manned guarding and physical protection of sites, apartments, and residential buildings.
• Protection of commercial real estate such as warehouses, factories, and offices. On the sites our guards carry out access control and registration of company workers, visitors, and guests.
• Securing of events up to 10,000 people such as charity bazaars, industrial exhibitions, and company workshops.
• Providing of 24 hour reaction squads, which are immediately deployed to the site, when the alarm system is activated.
• Installation of security systems such as surveillance cameras and alarm systems.
• Performing background checks on our client’s workforce. Checking information about previous criminal records.
• Removal of unwanted surveillance devices such as bugs and audio recording systems.
• Private investigation in case of theft or fraught.


ARGUS is fully licensed by the Ministry of the Interior for guarding of inventory, sites, and of people. According to our juridical status we are a company with 100% foreign capital. ARGUS is the only security company in Ukraine with 100% foreign ownership. We have regional representative offices in all of Ukraine’s major cities Lviv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, and Odessa. We guarantee high quality service and provide a liability insurance of 100,000$ per incident.

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ARGUS surves our Clients in all regions of Ukraine. ARGUS has 6 representatives over Ukraine for supporting the client.


ARGUS is the exclusive security partner of the European Business Association (EBA), which is Ukraine?s largest business association with more than 800 member companies. We are obliged to conform to the EBA’s code of good ethical conduct. ARGUS is also the exclusive partner of the European Association of Advanced Security, which allows us to access the know-how and equipment of international top security experts.

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