Client Business Solutions

For our clients we develop specialized business solutions to meet their individual demands. Since visitors often form the first impression of our client’s company through initial contact with the security guards, we play a key role in our client’s operations: We understand ourselves as “our client´s face”. We want to support our client´s business.
We have clients from several different branches, who all share the common characteristic of excellence in their respective sector. We secure:
• Hotels and tourism facilities
• Factories and Warehouses
• Office centers
• Entertainment complexes
• Embassies and Diplomatic Missions
• VIP persons during their stay in Kyiv
• Residences
• Events

Embassies and Diplomatic Missions
We provide services for 6 of the major 10 diplomatic missions to Ukraine. Our services encompass:
• Security guarding of embassy buildings and of residences
• Entrance control with full body and luggage search using metal detectors and scanners
• Reception of visitors
• Consultancy of visa applicants and preliminary checking of the documents
• Granting good order at visa sections
• Manning of the call centre at the reception desk
Our staff is specially trained in good manners and appropriate behavior fitting for the embassy’s high requirements. Our guards speak the national language of the embassy that they secure. They have served at diplomatic missions abroad on behalf of the United Nations. Our mystery-visa applicants regularly check, that our guards stick to the set rules and that service performance is impeccable.

Hotels and tourism facilities
We provide services for the leading hotels in Ukraine; Hyatt, Radisson and Opera. These services include:
• Security guarding services
• Rigid entrance controls
• Bellman and doorman services
• Car valet services
Our staff is trained on all posts. Thus in case of need a security guard may take over doorman or bellstaff position, if those colleagues are busy with the guests. Our guards are thoroughly informed about the hotel’s products and services, so that they may answer the guests’ questions. Our staff is trained by professional hospitality trainers to ensure proper behavior. Our trainers regularly repeat the trainings on the site to set a positive example and to check that guards are performing well. The trainers and supervisors have worldwide experience in hotels from the United States, the United Kingdom, and France. We cooperate with specialist of US and German anti-terror police forces, who train our staff on disaster prevention and emergency management.
Our mystery guests regularly check, if our guards stick to the set rules and that service performance is impeccable.
Factories and Warehouses
We provide services for the largest logistic centers in Ukraine Kühne & Nagel and Fiege. We also work for industrial clients with high value research facilities such as VEKA and Rijk Zwaan. For these companies we perform the following services:
• Protecting territory from intruders by patrolling the area and by technical means such as video monitoring and alarm systems.
• Performing entrance control on cargo trucks and private vehicles of visitors and workforce. Only registered cars and people are allowed to enter the site.
• Reception desk services (printing identification cards, managing car fleet, manning the call centre)
• Monitoring loading and unloading of cargo and checking freight documents
• Performing exit control on vehicles (through vehicle search) and on people (body and luggage search of truck drivers and of company workforce)
• Investigating loss of materials in order to detect and stop fraudulent inventory taking or theft
VIPs/Private Persons
In the year 2012 we worked for prominent people such as the world-famous pop singer Madonna, the UEFA committee headed by President Michel Platini, and several business delegations consisting of high-ranked executive managers of banks and industrial companies. We recommend our clients to stay in one of the hotels that we secure, namely Hyatt, Radisson, and Opera hotels. This way we may ensure maximum safety. Our services for VIPs/Private Persons include:
• Limousine pick-up service with English speaking bodyguards.
• If needed we supply additional escort vehicles manned with armed forces.
• Guarding of hotel corridors and suites
Apartment Buildings and Private Residences
We secure various housing facilities including ambassador residences, private houses, and apartments. Depending on the risk assessment we perform the following services:
• Round-the-clock manned guarding at entrance to facilities, and in seperate booths
• Monitoring site by technical means (video surveillance of peripheral area, installation of alarm systems)
• Deployment of 24/7 reaction squads in case of activated alarm
• Day and night patrolling of houses and apartments to check if windows and doors are firmly closed
We safeguard the largest events in Ukraine. During the UEFA Euro 2012 we protected the European Village Fan Zone which hosted over 100,000 football spectators. In 2012, we also secured the International Women’s Club of Kiev’s (IWCK) annual charity bazaar, which was attended by over 10,000 guests. Being the exclusive partner of the European Business Association (EBA) ARGUS provides safety for all of EBA’s events including the General Membership Assembly and the Family Day. During these events we offer the following services:
• Manning the reception desk (checking admission documents, supplying guests with event information)
• Full body and luggage search at the entrance using handheld metal detectors and luggage scanners. This is especially provided if high ranked politicians or diplomats are present.
• Maintenance of good order on the site
• Guarding of technical equipment (stage illumination, LED screens, audio equipment)
• Car valet services on the parking areas
Office/Business/Shopping Centers
2012 we worked for a wide range of offices and centers. These include regular office buildings for leading companies such as Siemens, Alcatel-Lucent, and Triangulum, and for large shopping malls such as Ave Plaza in Kharkiv. Our services involve:
• 24/7 manning of the reception desk and call center
• Security guarding of premises and inventory by manned and technical means
• Regular patrolling during the day, night, and on the weekends
• Linking between alarm systems and emergency buttons to 24/7 reaction squads, also during non-office hours