Alarm Response/Emergency Support


ARGUS supports its clients in any emergency situation.

ARGUS clients may call us at any time day and night and we provide emergency support at any place in Ukraine within several minutes.


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How may we be so fast at any place in this huge country?

Because besides our own patrol teams we may rely on the best regional patrol-services, whom we subcontract to provide best emergency support for our clients anywhere on the territory of Ukraine.


What does this mean for your security?

You may link the alarm system of your private residence or your office to our stand-by-duty desk. In case of an alarm: We check by phone, if this is false alarm (fortunately most alarms are false alarms); in case of real alarm: Our patrol cars hurry to your place. Also we inform you about the incident by phone. If you are not around: We arrest intruders, hand them over to police and we perform all procedures necessary for insurance on behalf of the client.




If you get in trouble personally: Just call us; tell us your current location; identify yourselves as ARGUS client - And in several minutes we are at yours for your support.