Factories and Warehouses

We provide services for the largest logistic centers in Ukraine Kuhne & Nagel and Fiege. We also work for industrial clients with high value research facilities such as VEKA and Rijk Zwaan. For these companies we perform the following services:
• Protecting territory from intruders by patrolling the area and by technical means such as video monitoring and alarm systems.
• Performing entrance control on cargo trucks and private vehicles of visitors and workforce. Only registered cars and people are allowed to enter the site.
• Reception desk services (printing identification cards, managing car fleet, manning the call centre)
• Monitoring loading and unloading of cargo and checking freight documents
• Performing exit control on vehicles (through vehicle search) and on people (body and luggage search of truck drivers and of company workforce)
• Investigating loss of materials in order to detect and stop fraudulent inventory taking or theft


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