Dr. Christof Rheinbay


Dr. Hans Christof Rheinbay knows Ukraine, since it’s independence in 1990. At first, he was merely planning on travelling across the country as a tourist. With time, he became inspired by the business opportunities, and decided to settle down. At that time there were nearly no service-providers for business needs. Dr, Rheinbay filled the market’s gap, by providing companies with full service from one service-provider. Key success factor of ARGUS Group was from the very beginning:  highly qualified and well trained service personnel. In the meanwhile ARGUS Group of Companies, is the most prestigious and one of the leading service providers in Ukraine. The company’s core competences are security, facility management, and human resources services. Dr. Rheinbay has 2 children.


Colonel ret. Valeriy Ratushniy


Mr. Ratushniy is one of the most experienced security experts in Ukraine. In 1993, Dr. Rheinbay was looking for a high-ranked security expert to manage ARGUS, one of the first private security companies in Ukraine.

At that time the State Security Guarding Service of the Ministry of Interior had a monopoly in securing Diplomatic Missions, Residences or high value warehouses. Colonel Valeriy Ratushnij was one of the best security specialist. We are still lucky and proud, that Valerij made ARGUS a success story.

In 2012 due the Football Championship Euro 2012, ARGUS guarded most important guest of the state during this event, Mr. Platini and his UEFA team, when they stay in Kyiv.


Natalia Erkhova


We are proud to have finance specialist Mrs. Erkhova as the head of our financial department and contracting unit. Mrs. Erkhova received her master’s degree in finance in international economics from the National Academy of Management in Kiev. She has ACCA Diploma. Similar to most of our management staff members, she is fluent in English. All new contracts pass through her hands, since she is responsible for contract approval. Previously she gained broad working experience in international companies, before assuming her position at ARGUS in 2010.


Vladimir Zarayev


ARGUS works for plenty of large sites such as warehouses, hotels, and business centers, where up to 100 guards may be on the job. Therefore, we need management teams headed by security site managers. For example, Mr. Zarayev is responsible for the security at Hyatt hotel on our behalf. Prior to his work as a security director, he completed a 5 year study at the Kharkiv Military Institute. Then he set out on a career for the Ministry of the Interior where he performed demanding tasks such as being the platoon leader of a Kievan special police unit. He finished his police career with the rank of a captain. Thereby, Mr. Zarayev gained a profound security education and a thorough understanding of our client’s business. He possesses the typical skills of our security site managers.


Alexander Dyadyun


As a security company, our main field of expertise lies in security services. However, often we also supply security products such as various anti-criminal equipments. Our chief engineer, Mr. Dyadyun, supports our clients in the following subjects: Consultation about which equipment is needed, purchasing tenders by Price/Quality criteria, and supervision of installation works. If our client requires an immediate solution, Mr. Dyadyun and his team may buy or repair the equipment themselves.